TIFU by getting tetanus and making dozens of people think I’m suicidal

EDIT: probably wasn’t tetanus, was most likely Staph A. Thanks for pointing this out, u/heavenpunch

This happened 2 years ago, and I still cringe when I think about it. I had to cut out cardboard for a school project, and cut my finger in the process. Soon after, like the absolute dumbass I was, I took a picture of it and posted it to snapchat, with the caption “FML.” I soon realized what the looked like when people started asking me if I was okay, and I went into full damage control mode but nothing worked. I had to explain to everybody that I was stupid with a box cutter and wasn’t cutting myself. Few believed me, and it took me a while to calm everything down.

A week later, I noticed the cut getting all weird looking. I told my dad, and he immediately knew what was happening. I was brought to the ER and had tetanus. I had to get multiple shots and I was kept at the hospital for multiple days. When I went back to school people were even more suspicious since I was gone, and I’m still hearing conspiracy theories about it.

TLDR: don’t be stupid with a box cutter.

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